Animals & Nature

I am a true animal lover and my house is a menagerie of dogs, cats, rats, chickens, turtles, goldfish, etc. So  it should not come as a surprise that  my passion for animals has inspired me to create a bunch of critters for the garden. Although these were made for outside use, each would make a lovely conversation piece if placed indoors as well!

Click on each picture to move it to the front. Click on the front image to see it larger.

<div class="name">Jingle</div> <div class="name">Sylvan</div> <div class="name">Madame Winter</div> <div class="name">Skitter</div> <div class="name">Fizzy Garden Critter</div> <div class="name">Treasures Under Foot</div> <div class="name">Genevieve</div> <div class="name">Boo-T-Lishous</div> <div class="name">Flicker</div> <div class="name">Ladybug</div> <div class="name">Cotton Candy</div> <div class="name">Pucker</div> <div class="name">Homecoming</div> <div class="name">Jeremiah</div> <div class="name">Smidgen</div> <div class="name">Let&#039;s Get This Party Started</div> <div class="name">Celebrating Frivolity</div> <div class="name">Hidden Garden Treasure</div> <div class="name">Hooty</div> <div class="name">Small Matters</div> <div class="name">Choose Your Friends Wisely</div> <div class="name">Garden Bird</div> <div class="name">Dori</div> <div class="name">Miss Sandy Feet</div> <div class="name">Top of The Mornin&#039;</div> <div class="name">Henrietta</div> <div class="name">Bunny Shroom</div> <div class="name">Excursion</div> <div class="name">Little Tweets</div> <div class="name">&#039;shroom with a view</div> <div class="name">Bleep</div> <div class="name">Pumpkin</div> <div class="name">Miss Daisy</div> <div class="name">Brienne</div> <div class="name">Be The Friend You Wish to Have</div> <div class="name">Tea for Three</div> <div class="name">Dori, Too</div> <div class="name">Prickles</div> <div class="name">Pretty Please</div> <div class="name">End of Currents&#039; Voyage</div> <div class="name">Puddin&#039;</div> <div class="name">Perrie</div> <div class="name">Sprinkles</div> <div class="name">Lil Pumpkin</div> <div class="name">Orange Blossom</div> <div class="name">Sticky Liz</div> <div class="name">Sophia </div> <div class="name">Morning Star</div> <div class="name">Zephyr</div> <div class="name">Olive</div> <div class="name">All About Location</div> <div class="name"> in Dally</div> <div class="name">Soft Spot</div> <div class="name">Tweetsie</div> <div class="name">Hippity Hop on Top! </div> <div class="name">Raffia</div> <div class="name">Woodsy</div> <div class="name">Trophy Truffle</div> <div class="name">Udine</div> <div class="name">I&#039;ll Tumble for Ya</div> <div class="name">Butter Brickle</div> <div class="name">Tabetha</div> <div class="name">Bling</div> <div class="name">Razzle</div> <div class="name">Lots of Chatter</div> <div class="name">Tickles</div> <div class="name">Feather</div> <div class="name">Ladies Man</div> <div class="name">Wiggle Bug</div> <div class="name">Lenny &amp; The Great Pumpkin</div> <div class="name">Rosalie</div>

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Mosaic creations for home and garden      
        Every piece has a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. It could be a                 
      shiny glass heart, a silver star, or silly trinket of some odd sort. Just like      
      these tiny, shimmering trinkets hidden among tiles and glass, moments of joy 
           are sprinkled throughout our day.