Available for Purchase

Each of these items is currently available for purchase. I do not keep much inventory because I make each piece for craft fairs or the individual who orders it; therefore, availability is limited for all items. If you live in the Raleigh/Cary, NC area I will deliver the item to you for a delivery fee of $10.00. The customer will be responsible for any shipping charges if the order is to be shipped. Shipping charges will vary depending upon weight of the item.

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<div class="name">A Fairy Tale</div><div class="description">$250</div> <div class="name">Island Fairy</div><div class="description">$45 - 6"Hx4.5"W</div> <div class="name">Boo-T-Lishous</div><div class="description">$130 (bowling ball sized)</div> <div class="name">Bleep</div><div class="description">$45</div> <div class="name">Home Sweet Home</div><div class="description">$75</div> <div class="name">&quot;A Christmas Dream&quot; Fairy Door</div><div class="description">$90</div> <div class="name">Sweet Notes</div><div class="description">$95</div> <div class="name">Magic Rustles in the Garden</div><div class="description">$150</div> <div class="name">Skitter</div><div class="description">$140</div> <div class="name">Pumpkin</div><div class="description">$130 - 12"x6"x4" </div> <div class="name">Petals on the Pond</div><div class="description">$85</div> <div class="name">Don&#039;t Let Them Tell You It&#039;s a Crazy Idea</div><div class="description">$85</div> <div class="name">Let&#039;s Roll</div><div class="description">$45 - 6"Hx4.5"W</div> <div class="name">Cottage Christmas</div><div class="description">$75</div> <div class="name">I&#039;ll Tumble for Ya</div><div class="description">$130</div> <div class="name">Dragonfly Garden Accent</div><div class="description">$130</div> <div class="name">Chill&#039;axin</div><div class="description">$50</div> <div class="name">Excursion</div><div class="description">$135</div> <div class="name">Sprite</div><div class="description">$80</div> <div class="name">Sophia </div><div class="description">8"x8"x11' - $130</div>

Mosaic creations for home and garden      
        Every piece has a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. It could be a                 
      shiny glass heart, a silver star, or silly trinket of some odd sort. Just like      
      these tiny, shimmering trinkets hidden among tiles and glass, moments of joy 
           are sprinkled throughout our day.