About Robyn

A Message in Mosaics.

Our lives, our selves and our world are made up of completely different parts. Our lives are faceted; our selves are sectioned; our worlds are divided. Sometimes it seems that fitting these odd, misshaped pieces together is a difficult task, but with patience, understanding and acceptance the pieces somehow blend. They lend themselves to becoming a complete, unique creation of their own.

Practice finding life’s hidden treasures in your own life everyday. They may be as bold as a glorious sunset or as subtle as a wildflower’s fragrance. Like shells on the beach or stars in the sky, the more you look for them the more you will find. Joy is ever present. It lives in each of our hearts and flourishes within the world we live.

I hope you enjoy this site and my mosaic artwork. Like life, this site will be ever evolving and any suggestions or comments are always welcome.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to hear from you!

Mosaic creations for home and garden      
        Every piece has a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. It could be a                 
      shiny glass heart, a silver star, or silly trinket of some odd sort. Just like      
      these tiny, shimmering trinkets hidden among tiles and glass, moments of joy 
           are sprinkled throughout our day.